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Chapter 1754 – Making great efforts curly mere
“Unfortunately, no. In the Netherworld Kingdom, we don’t have items like numerous-preference issues,” № Hamster explained. “I tried using my advisable to check with you the quick questions very first. I didn’t assume anyone to struggle to answer also a single query appropriately.”
Song Shuhang set for the tire just like a salted fish, permitting the wheel whirl him around frantically. Also, Fairy @#%× stretched her snake tail out, and caught on the wheel.
№ Hamster’s voice sounded. “This proves the exam.”
№ Hamster’s tone of voice sounded. “This proves the exam.”
Section 1754 Producing fantastic campaigns
The rate with the tire have been heightened to 20th equipment. Even Tune Shuhang, who had been at the 6th Period World, couldn’t sustain this beat.
Girl Onion silently handled her onion sprouts—as envisioned of your older, he was especially trustworthy at vital situations.
Woman Onion’s eye suddenly lit up up. She stared at Mature Scarlet Heaven Sword intently, its shiny sword body system highlighting her slightly withered self.
№ Hamster reported, “31st dilemma.”
Adventures in Contentment
“You can warning a contract with Music Shuhang that resembles that relating to a ‘part-time worker’. You could benefit him for a little something in return. If you do something similar to this, you will retain your convenience,” Mature Scarlet Paradise Sword proposed. “If you choose to do this, what expertise is it possible to supply? Apart from giving eco-friendly onion sprouts.”
Lady Onion hesitantly explained, “I’ve got… many of them, I assume?”
Fairy Creation shouted, “Stupid, mindless!!”
“Are there several-selection concerns or true-or-fake concerns?” Music Shuhang cried. “Exams today not less than have various-choice queries. We should keep up with the times, proper?”
Meanwhile, Tune Shuhang focused entirely on accomplishing 2 things as well, seeing the demonic hamster’s presentation whilst generating blind guesses when resolving the issues.
Lady Onion’s eye suddenly lit up. She stared at Older Scarlet Paradise Sword intently, its dazzling sword system reflecting her slightly withered personal.
With regards to capabilities, she had over 200 special types. For example… the ❮200 Must-have Skills for the Beast Soul to Survive❯.
the great return policy
Lady Onion inquired, “Is it even more treasured when compared to the ‘Saber-Taking care of Technique’?”
So dumb, Melody Shuhang can’t even solution one dilemma appropriate!
Older person Scarlet Heaven Sword mentioned, “These are two various things, and i also may have both equally.”
“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.
The Boy Scouts with the Motion Picture Players
Chapter 1754 Creating wonderful attempts
“I’m dying, hahaha~ Woof~” Doudou was moving everywhere on the soil joking. He’d been deliberating about whether he should ‘help’ Piece of music Shuhang by responding to the problems 1st. But ultimately, he didn’t even really need to nudge him Track Shuhang acquired already created two blunders on his very own.
Song Shuhang said, “Blegh~ I am about to vomit… Would you permit me to out now?”
The pace with the tire was already from the hopelessness-inducing level.
№ Hamster prompted, “Hint… In order to get out of this going tire, you can use ‘psychic energy’ to accomplish this.”
“Hehehe~” Behind him, Fairy @#%×’s modest stomach twisted to and fro as she slithered in the tire happily. Her nice-sounding laughter and Song Shuhang’s screams intertwined—were they joyful or sad?
Specimens with Memoirs of the Less-known British Poets
Young lady Onion hesitantly claimed, “I’ve got… some of them, I assume?”
When the 50 issues were actually over…
Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Freedom is quite cherished.”
Scarlet Paradise Sword questioned curiously, “Little Young lady Onion, you are cost-free, so just why don’t you seem to be happy?”
Glimpses of Three Coasts
His brain obtained already skyrocketed!
“Hurry up and request me the issue,” Tune Shuhang said tremblingly—whether or otherwise not his answer was ideal didn’t make a difference any further. Now, he just want to quickly finish off the 50 inquiries, and get rid of this hamster tire.

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